Cavity by Alex Vakhrushev

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Cavity tutorial by Alexander Vakhrushev

The cavity tutorial is one of the most basic and easiest tutorials. We will come back to it later in more detail. Here, you will get a fast walk through with a good explanation about

  • the mesh
  • running the case
  • post processing the results.

As a first step:

  • click on the link
  • go to slide 20 (feel free to read the slides before)
  • open a terminal on your computer (ctrl+alt+t)

From here you can follow the tutorial on slide 20. If you do not know, where you OpenFOAM installation is, you can also

  • type "tut" to jump into the tutorial folder of OpenFOAM
  • type
>> cd incompressible/icoFoam/cavity

to go into the folder of cavity

From here you can copy the case to the location of your preference and follow the instructions in the pdf.