Day 14

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Hairpin voritces

This tutorial gives you an extensive introduction to the flow around a hemisphere, which can be seen as one of the simplest case of an external flow. The challenge here is to correctly set up the case and run it. By now you should have the experience and the knowledge to do so. The focus is on

  • understanding the physics
  • case setup and workflow
  • meshing
  • running the simulation
    • steady-state
    • transient
  • data evaluation
  • mesh refinement

External flows

In this tutorial you will learn about highly compressible flows and the steps required to correctly model them. As the physics behind the topic is not trivial, you will go through three simulation cases to understand the idea behind the case setups. The focus is on following topics:

  • Magnus effect
  • space capsule atmospheric entry simulation
  • hyperloop drag simulation