Day 15

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On Day 15 we will finalize our "3 weeks" tutorial series by doing a fun programming simulation and going through a couple of pages of pdf.

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Parabolic boundary condition [codedFixedValue]

In this tutorial, you will learn how to give a parabolic inlet velocity at inlet using codedFixedValue boundary feature in OpenFOAM.

Points covered:

  • How to use codedFixedValue boundary to apply custom expression at a boundary
  • How to add a expression which is spatially varying
  • How to create parabolic inlet velocity for a 3D pipe

Code development

These screencasts will help you learn how to develop a custom code in OpenFOAM. You will learn about:

  • Basic Information
  • Preparing your System
  • Preparing the new Solver
  • Analyzing the Code
  • Advanced Code Analyze
  • Building the new Solver

End of day 15

Now at the end of Day 15 please return to the "3 weeks" series and finish your journey with this series and look forward to further steps.