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File:Olesen_cropped.jpg | Mark Olesen
File:Olesen_cropped.jpg | Mark Olesen
File:Magugliani_half.jpg | Fabrizio Magugliani  
File:Magugliani_half.jpg | Fabrizio Magugliani  
FIle:Zampini_cropped.jpg | Stefano Zampini (KAUST / PETSc Team)

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A warm welcome to the High-Performance Computing (HPC) Technical Committee's wiki page! As part of the OpenFOAM Governance structure, our job is to work together with the community to overcome the actual HPC bottlenecks of OpenFOAM. Here, you can find information about us, our current activities and also how to get in touch.

Members of the Committee

This is the list of the current active committee members, led by Ivan Spisso who acts as chairman.

The members represent a balanced and geographically distributed mix Members of Release and Maintenace Authority (ESI-OpenCFD, Wikki), HPC experts (CINECA, KAUST, OKNL), Hardware OEM (NVIDIA, Intel, ARM), HPC system integrators (E4), domain-specific expert (FM Global, GM)

A brief description follows:

Chair: Ivan Spisso, HPC specialist for academic and industrial CFD applications, CINECA (Itay)

Mark Olesen: Principal Eng. ESI-OpenCFD

Simone Bnà: HPC developer, CINECA

Henrik Rusche, Wikki Ltd. (Release Authority)

Fabrizio Magugliani E4, (HPC system integrator)

Michael Klemm Giacomo Rossi, Intel

Olly Perks, ARM

Stan Posey, Filippo Spiga, NVIDIA

William F. Godoy, Oak Ridge National Lab

Pham Van Phuc, Institute of Technology, Shimizu Corporation

Stefano Zampini, KAUST/PETSC Team

Luwayemisi Oluwole Fire Dynamics Group, FM Global

Moududur Rahman, Raman Bansal, HPC SW Innovation Group, GM

Repository: Code repository

How to contact us

To contact the committee, a specific email-address [1] has been set-up. This alias will automatically forward the incoming request to all current members of the committee. The chairman is responsible for processing any incoming emails and give an appropriate and timely answer.

Our Workflow


Activity Log