Installing in Windows 10 by Jozsef Nagy

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How to install OpenFOAM and run a simulation in Windows 10

In this video you can learn, how you can install OpenFOAM more or less natively in Windows 10. For this we will use the new Windows 10 feature called Bash on Ubuntu on Windows. I will also run a very short simulation to show you, that it really works.

velocity magnitude of the elbow case at t=75s

The steps required to install OpenFOAM in Windows 10:

  • Enable Windows Subsystem for Linux + restart
  • Download and install Ubuntu from the Microsoft store
  • Set OpenFOAM environment in .bashrc
  • Run simulation

Useful tips

In this second video you will find useful tips for OpenFOAM in Windows 10. You will learn, how you can start both Linux and Windows application with Bash on Ubuntu on Windows (e.g. Paraview) in order to be able to work just like in Ubuntu.