Introduction by Ferras, Fernandes and Nobrega

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  • contributor: L.L. Ferrás, C. Fernandes, J.M. Nóbrega
  • affiliation: Institute for Polymers and Composites (i3N), University of Minho, Portugal
  • contact: click here for email address
  • OpenFOAM version: 3.0.1
  • published under: CC BY-NC license (creative commons licenses)

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Introduction to OpenFOAM

This pdf gives you an extensive introduction into the simulation workflow of OpenFOAM. You will learn the basics required for a successful simulation. You will cover the following topics:

  • general introduction
  • solvers
  • versions
  • code structure
  • case structure
  • summery of numerical entries
  • simple 1D problem
    • physics
    • numerics
    • approximations
    • meshing with blockMesh
    • boundary conditions
    • compiling the code
    • running the case
    • post processing

If you want to compile the solver and run the case, download the files here:

solver and case files

If required, copy them into your working directory and follow instructions on slides 145 and 146.