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Welcome to the OpenFOAM Wiki

This wiki is sponsored and managed by and members of the OpenFOAM community.

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All proceeds are guaranteed towards the future maintenance and development of OpenFOAM.

Getting started

When getting started with OpenFOAM coding and installation, the following locations are useful:

OpenFOAM Governance

ESI-OpenCFD and its partners launched the OpenFOAM Governance initiative in 2018 to bring the OpenFOAM Community together and participate within a welcoming, co-operative framework, to ensure the project’s longevity and maintain its core values of being freely-available and open-source. Follow the links to find out more about the Technical Committees and their current projects.


If you want to get suggestions, how to start with OpenFOAM we can offer you a collection of tutorials, which were gathered in a community project by several community members.


Here you can find publications related to work to OpenFOAM.