Multiphase modeling

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Multiphase modeling is a challenging task. With these tutorials you will learn, how to model flows, where you have multiple phases.

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Multiphase modeling

Intro and Overview

Volume of Fluid

  • Volume-of-fluid method - dam break case - Nagy provides a walk through of the dam break tutorial. *
  • Multiphase - Use the interFoam solver to simulate breaking of a dam for 2s.
  • Volume-of-fluid method - two examples - Guerrero details on setup, control and monitor of VoF simulations.
  • Volume-of-fluid method in iron casting - Vakhrushev details on the VoF solver, and its application to iron casting.
  • Multiphase (VOF) simulation project - In this video series Nagy guides you through an entire simulation project for a multiphase (VOF) flow from the geometry over mesh set up and creation as well as case set up and running the simulation up until the evaluation of the results.
  • Hysing benchmark - In this tutorial you will find a reference test case for VoF simulations. It is an elementary quantitative benchmark configuration with reference data in literature.
  • How to use free-surface flows in OpenFOAM - Here you will find a compact introduction to the theory behind free surface flows in OpenFOAM, a step-by-step guide to run the 2D spillway tutorial and an intro for hydrodynamic instabilities (simulation of Rayleigh - Taylor instability).

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