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A welcome to the Numerics Technical Committee's wiki!


As part of the OpenFOAM Governance structure, the job of the Numerics Technical Committee is to develop, validate, maintain and document the numerics practices in OpenFOAM. Further, the Committee is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art numerics in the code, applicable to all application areas covered by the software.

Members of the Committee

This is the list of the current active committee members. The Committee is actively looking for suitably qualified persons to contribute to the work.

Prof. Hrvoje Jasak Professor Hrvoje Jasak, Committee chair

Chair: Hrvoje Jasak, CFD and numerics expert University of Zagreb, Croatia


To contact the committee, please use

Our Workflow

The Committee meets biannually:

  • One physical, at the annual ESI OpenFOAM Conference (typically, October time)
  • One virtual, to be held six months after the physical one (around April)

In between the meetings, we carry out planned activities and common projects on-going keep in touch via online collaboration tools.


The current priorities with respect to the aforementioned remits are:

  • Documentation of existing numerics in OpenFOAM
  • Validation and verification examples, concentrating on complex numerics items
  • Coordination with application area sub-groups
    • Basic validation and verification: General Purpose CFD
    • Numerics in Turbomachinery

Education Activities


Activity Log

(Reverse chronological order)

Planned / Future activities

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