Proceedings: the 3rd UCL OpenFOAM Workshop by Luofeng Huang

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  • contributors: Luofeng Huang, Daniela Benites, Tom Smith, Nicolaos Charalambous, Gavin Tabor, Philip Cardiff, Edward Ransley, Josh Davidson, Christian Windt, Yuzhu Li, Ruben J. Paredes, Rui Song, Minghao Li, Marco Colombo, Anna Feichtner, Sasan Tavakoli
  • affiliation: University College London, UK
  • contact: click here for email address
  • OpenFOAM versions: general
  • Published under: CC BY-SA license (creative commons licenses)

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Proceedings: the 3rd UCL OpenFOAM Workshop

This document disseminates the results of the 3rd UCL OpenFOAM Workshop, which was held during 24-26 February 2021. It gives a summary of the event and presents links to all recorded videos, which includes:

Keynote Speeches

(1) Bayesian Optimisation with OpenFOAM

(2) The finite volume method for solid mechanics

(3) Large-eddy simulation and acoustics

(4) The Collaborative Computational Project in Wave Structure Interaction (CCP-WSI)

(5) Beyond VoF: alternative OpenFOAM solvers for numerical wave tanks

(6) Wave-structure interaction modelling for renewable energy applications

(7) Turbulence modelling beneath surface waves

(8) Numerical flow characterization around a submarine

(9) Hydroelasticity


(1) OpenFOAM Basis

(2) Postprocessing and function objects

(3) A training on Solids4foam

(4) Turbulence Modelling and LES

(5) Mesh generation procedure for underwater vehicles

(6) Multiphase gas-liquid flows

(7) Wave modelling and body motion

(8) Wave interaction with thin porous structures

(9) Dynamics of a floating body

(10) OpenFOAM programming course

(11) Writing a new solver with extended functions

(12) Ship resistance prediction

(13) Hydrofoil cavitation

(14) High Performance Computing and Parallelisation