Simulation project of an exhaust manifold by Tobias Holzmann

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  • contributor: Tobias Holzmann
  • affiliation: Holzmann CFD
  • contact: click here for email address
  • OpenFOAM version: v7
  • published under: GPL v3 license

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How To Build a complete OpenFOAM Project - Exhaust manifold

The following screencasts will guide you through a complete OpenFOAM CFD project of an exhaust manifold. As for the programming and development videos, Tobias pushed these videos into his archive section as the used OpenFOAM version is not up-to-date. The videos 1 to 3 are related to some basic OpenFOAM knowledge

4 Start a Project

  • Generate the project folder
  • Get your geometry file
  • Load it to Salomefor preparation

5 Prepare the Geometry

  • Geometry preparation
  • Close the geometry
  • Further preparation for repairing

6 Repairing the Geometry

  • Further repairing the geometry for the next steps

7 Surface Triangulation

  • Generate patches for OpenFOAM
  • Showing the differences between CAD exported STLs and manual triangulated one
  • Triangulation of the patches
  • Generating the background mesh

8 STL Preparation

  • Exporting the background mesh and STLs
  • Preparing STLs for a region STL (compound)
  • Checking for waterproofness
  • Transforming the background mesh to an OpenFOAMmesh

9 First Meshing

  • Meshing the geometry with snappyHexMesh
  • Setting up the snappyHexMesh file
  • Explaining a few things about the snappyHexMeshDict and the keywords

10 Mesh Optimization

  • Further discussion of different keywords
  • Optimizing the mesh
  • Feature snapping
  • Implicit and explicit feature edge snapping
  • Generate feature edges
  • Generation of layers

11 Boundary Set-up and First Run

  • Set-up of simple boundary conditions for p and U
  • Start the solver
  • Check out the first numerical results

12 Advanced Boundary Conditions

  • Set-up of more physical boundary conditions
  • Discussion about the boundary face calculation
  • Building a mixed boundary condition (codedMixed)