Transport equation by Jozsef Nagy

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  • contributor: Jozsef Nagy
  • affiliation: Institute of Polymer Injection Molding and Process Automation, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria
  • contact: click here for email address
  • OpenFOAM version: v1712
  • Published under: CC BY-NC-SA license (creative commons licenses)

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Transport equation

1D scalar transport

In previous tutorials you might have seen fancy equations, which describe different phenomena in fluid dynamics. They might even be familiar from lectures, that you attended in the past. In this tutorial

you will get a detailed introduction to the most basic and also most general equation, which you will find in CFD, the basic transport equation. We will discuss

  • the solver
  • case setup
  • transport phenomena like convection and diffusion
  • influence of constants
  • simulation of scalar transport
  • post processing

A deep understanding of the general transport equation is important, as you can derive from it all the important equations, which you will want to solve within your CFD project.

For older versions of OpenFOAM the blockMeshDict file is located in constant/polyMesh, for newer versions the file is located in system.