Day 12

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Welcome back to Day 12. Today we will continue to explore the possibilities OpenFOAM offers to extend the source code according to our needs. First start with a video of Professor Jasak on programming and see, whether you can follow the other two tutorials.

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Programming in OpenFOAM

This video lets all the gained information sink in. With it you will be able to understand the simulations you ran up until now and you will implement this knowledge in upcoming cases. You will learn about

  • organizing your work
  • creating your own application
  • adding a boundary condition
  • programming guidelines
  • consistent styling
  • debugging

Scalar Transport: Swirl Test

With your gained experience you will create a new solver here for a different application and test it with a modified case setup. The focus is on:

  • types of source files
  • applications
  • utilities
  • build system
  • modifying a case setup

Coupled heat transfer in gas and solid

This tutorial gives you a short introduction on the implementation of coupled heat transfer in gas and solid in OpenFOAM. Here the focus is on:

  • solver structure
  • compiling
  • existing solvers
  • modifying and running a case

End of Day 12

We arrived at the end of Day 12. By now you should be able to run not only simulations of real life problems, but you should have some experience as well as knowledge on how to implement your own additional model.