Marine Special Interest Group

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The mission of the Marine Special Interest Group is to recommend OpenFOAM developments relevant for the the marine domain, to assess OpenFOAM validation, and to nurture involvement of OpenFOAM Community.

Members of the Committee

There are currently eight committee members, led by Kevin Maki, who acts as chairman.

  • Kevin Maki: Chair, ship hydrodynamics.
  • Mattias Liefvendahl: Naval hydrodynamics, LES, propulsion, ship-generated noise.
  • Zhirong Shen: ship and offshore hydrodynamics, Overset mesh.
  • Gabriel Barajas Ojeda: IHFoam, coastal hydrodynamics.
  • Johan Roenby: Geometric Volume-of-Fluid (isoAdvector), Fluid-Structure Interaction.
  • Lex Mulcahy: cavitation, propulsion.
  • Niels Jacobsen: waves2Foam, coastal hydrodynamics.
  • Tobias Huuva: propulsion, cavitation.

How to contact us

If you would like to contribute to the mission of the Marine Application Special Interest Group, please send an email to the entire committee at [1]. The chairman will process incoming emails and provide an appropriate response.