Meshing with cfMesh by Jozsef Nagy

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Meshing with cfMesh

Guided video tutorial

Provided material

For this tutorial the following material will be provided:

geometry STL files
mesh you will create the mesh yourself
simulation case optionally you can run any simulation as a homework
commands cartesianMesh


In this tutorial you will learn how you create a mesh with cfMesh using a certain set of STL files.

Commands to be executed:


Check out the User Guide (see details in the video) for advanced meshing settings.

In this tutorial we will take a look at the settings for the basic mesh resolution as well as local refinement along STL files. We will also add layers to our mesh.


This tutorial assumes basic knowledge in the handling of both OpenFOAM and Linux. A working installation of the versions indicated above is needed. A working version of Paraview is required.

cfMesh is only available for OpenFOAM versions from out-of-the-box, not for For the second you have to compile it yourself!
Surface mesh with cfMesh