Multiphase (VOF) Simulation Project by Jozsef Nagy

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Multiphase (VOF) Simulation Project

Guided video tutorial

Provided material

For this training session (right click + save link as) the following material will be provided:

Step-by-step simulation project
geometry STL files
mesh predefined and fully commented dictionaries for snappyHexMesh
simulation case predefined and fully commented dictionaries for interFoam
commands list of commands to be executed
presentation pdf presentation describing the tutorial
  • Here you can download the presentation.
  • Here you can download the compressed case files (Click the link and download the file directly from GitHub).

Detailed description

In this teaching session a simulation project is presented with a special focus on multiphase modeling (Volume-of-Fluid). The basic idea is to show how to conduct a simulation project from a predefined geometry until post-processing. After a small introduction to the physics involved in this tutorial as well as the implementation in OpenFOAM, a live step-by-step presentation of the mesh creation, the case setup, the simulation itself as well as the post-processing of the simulation results will be given (see figure above). A special focus is on the understanding of the needed steps in a typical workflow in OpenFOAM. For this reason dictionaries are fully commented. This way users can later come back and quickly and easily refresh the information gathered during the session.


This tutorial assumes basic knowledge in the handling of both OpenFOAM and Linux. A working installation of the versions indicated above is needed. A working version of Paraview is required.

Update for OpenFOAM versions 1806 and 6

Dynamic mesh solvers were changed. Instead of running interDyMFoam in these versions you have to run interFoam instead. 


The author thanks all those involved in the organisation of OFW12 and to all the contributors that will enrich the event.