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A warm welcome to the Nuclear Committee's wiki page! As part of the OpenFOAM Governance structure our job is to advance the modelling capabilities of OpenFOAM for Nuclear Science and Technology. Here, you can find information about us, our current activities and also how to get in touch.

Members of the Committee

There are currently 4 committee members: Carlo Fiorina (chair), Ivor Clifford, Manuele Aufiero and Stefano Lorenzi. We have experience in the use of OpenFOAM for a wide range of applications in Nuclear Engineering.

How to Contact Us

To contact the committee, we suggest that you simply send one of the members an e-mail, or a message on LinkedIn.

Our Workflow

Since the members of the committee tend to interact assiduously in many contexts, and since the Nuclear Engineering Community is relatively small, the committee does not hold regular meetings. We prefer to stay flexible and interact when necessary. An important part of the work is formulating code improvement proposals to the Steering Committee, which makes the final decision. We are also creating a repository associated with the committee (coming by the end of 2020). The idea is to stage potential contributions to the main code, preserve things that are removed from the code but may still be of interest to some parts of the community, and include specialized solvers for Nuclear Engineering.


What follows is a list of activities carried out by the committee:

We are also working with the IAEA towards a consistent open-source platform for reactor analysis!

Activity Log

  • 2019-11 An international initiative is launched under the aegis of the IAEA for the creation of an open-source platform for reactor analysis.
  • 2019-06 The EPFL becomes a collaborating center of the IAEA.
  • 2019-04 Creation of the committee!

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