Numerical schemes by Tobias Holzmann

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  • contributor: Tobias Holzmann
  • affiliation: Holzmann CFD
  • contact: click here for email address
  • OpenFOAM version: v7
  • published under: GPL v3 license

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Numerical scheme analyzing

The numerical discretization is treated by choosing different numerical schemes in OpenFOAM. Each numerical scheme behaves different which is demonstrated in a simple convection flow (link). Here, you will see the influence of the mesh type, hexahedra , tetrahedra, and polyhedra, the orientation of the mesh and the mesh density on the accuracy of the solution and if the scheme produces physical or also non-physical values. The importance of the scheme that you use and a critical behavior of the Gauss linear scheme is shown in this video. The numerical analyzer, created by Tobias Holzmann, gives you an feedback of 16 numerical schemes at four different mesh types and density. Furthermore, one can compare the numerical schemes to older OpenFOAM versions. The following numerical schemes can be investigated:

  • Gauss Upwind
  • Gauss Linear
  • Gauss LinearUpwind
  • Gauss LimitedLinear
  • Gauss LimitedLimitedLinear
  • Gauss VanLeer
  • Gauss LimitedVanLeer
  • Gauss Cubic
  • Gauss LimitedCubic
  • Gauss SFCD
  • Gauss QUICK
  • Gauss UMIST
  • Gauss OSPRE
  • Gauss vanAlbada
  • Gauss Blended
  • Gauss LUST
  • Gauss Gamma
  • Gauss Gamma01