Running your first case by Jozsef Nagy

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Running your first case on your own

2D scalar transport

In this video you will be given a case, that you will have to set up and run on your own. You will

  • create your mesh
  • set up initial and boundary conditions
  • set up physical properties
  • set correct numerical settings
  • run your simulation
  • post process your simulation

Please do not skip this tutorial and do not take yourself the possibility to fight yourself though all the way to the very end. This is one of the best feelings while working with OpenFOAM.

There is a solution for the case, that you are stuck, but try to watch it once you are confident, that you found the correct way on your own.

For older versions of OpenFOAM the blockMeshDict file is located in constant/polyMesh, for newer versions the file is located in system.

Have fun!