Swak4Foam and PyFoam by Bruno Santos

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  • contributor: Bruno Santos (1) and Nelson Marques (1), with revision by Manoel Silvino Araújo (2)
  • affiliation: blueCAPE Lda, Portugal (1) and Universidade Federal do Pará, Brasil (2)
  • contact: (1), click here for email address (2)
  • OpenFOAM version: OpenFOAM 2.3/2.4, swak4Foam 0.3.1, PyFoam 0.6.4
  • Published under: CC BY-NC license (creative commons licenses)

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Auxiliary Post processing – swak4Foam and PyFoam

In this pdf you will find a quick introduction on how to postprocess your simulation results with the tools swak4Foam and PyFoam.

You can download the case files here.