UCL OpenFOAM Course 2019 by Luofeng Huang

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  • contributors: Luofeng Huang, Daniela Benites, Shiyu Lyu, Tom Smith, Minghao Li, Yeru Shang, Christian Klettner
  • affiliation: University College London, UK
  • contact: click here for email address
  • OpenFOAM versions: general
  • Published under: CC BY-SA license (creative commons licenses)

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UCL OpenFOAM Course 2019

This document presents the course taught in the 2nd UCL OpenFOAM workshop, 26-28 June, 2019. Chapter 1-4 provides a step-by-step guideline for installing/using/understanding OpenFOAM code; subsequently, the Appendixes provides advanced tutorials for various purposes, which are

(1) OpenFOAM programming tutorial

(2) Flow passes a motorbike

(3) Flow passes a cylinder

(4) Develop a turbulent model

(5) Parallelisation and HPC