Code development by Tobias Holzmann

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  • contributor: Tobias Holzmann
  • affiliation: Holzmann CFD
  • contact: click here for email address
  • OpenFOAM version: v7
  • published under: GPL v3 license

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Code Development

These screencasts will help you learn how to develop a custom code in OpenFOAM. The videos are listed here OpenFOAM development

1 Basic Information

  • General information about compiling and the programming environment

2 Preparing your System

  • General information about the new training video
  • Compiling OpenFOAMin debug mode
  • Building your own Doxygen project

3 Preparing the new Solver

  • Starting a new solver with an already existing one
  • Analyze the direction tree
  • The Make folder
  • Source and header files
  • Analyze the particular files that have to be changed

4 Analyzing the Code

  • Analyzing the source files
  • Discussion about some special and common header files
  • Analyzing header files
  • Using Doxygen the first time

5 Advanced Code Analyze

  • Analyzing the code and what it is doing
  • Going into the code in more detail
  • Using Doxygen

6 Building the new Solver

  • Creating new quantity fields
  • Building matrix systems
  • Solving matrix systems
  • Relaxing matrix systems
  • Relaxing fields
  • Implementing new functions
  • Building new libraries
  • Update libraries
  • The Roche-Magnus-Formulation
  • Temperature depended on saturation pressure
  • Doxygen