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Information on and usage of this Wiki are continuously monitored. The guidelines below summarise how the site should be used.

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Submitting Content

Please ensure that you follow the guide below when submitting content:

  • Contributors must be in a position to share the content, i.e. as its original author, or according to its distribution rights
  • Maintain a neutral tone
  • Maintain consistency in the way that the content is presented
  • Minimise duplication
  • Add only new material to the collection
  • English should be used as the primary language
  • Abuse of the system will not be tolerated, e.g.
    • no libellous content
    • no profanity
    • no copyright infringement
    • no advertisement

Tips for contributions

For recording screencasts (i.e., voice and video of your desktop), we suggest

  • for linux systems, recordmydesktop is an easy to use and ligthweight application
  • for Windows systems, Camtasia is a solution.

How to contribute

Content on this Wiki is open to all for read access. If you are interested in submitting material to the tutorial collection, please contact the editors using the following email address: click here for email address

Your mail will be forwarded to one of the editors, who will process your request as soon as possible. This way we want to keep the processing time of requests to a minimum.

Please provide the following information:

  • Information for the five-points-system handling the acknowledgement of the contributors as well as the license under which the material is published
    • contributor: your name
    • affiliation: your university, company etc.
    • contact: your email address
    • OpenFOAM version: version of OpenFOAM
    • published under: one of the six creative commons licenses listed here: creative commons licenses
    • There is the possibility to add additional acknowledgements, so please only enter the name of the actual contributors into the contributor section in the five-points-system. If people proof read your text or tested your tutorial feel free to acknowledge them in a separate acknowledgements section.
  • Information if you want to link your material (e.g. pdf files) on the tutorial page or if you want to directly upload material.
    • In case you prefer to link your material, provide the link to the editors.
    • In case you would like to upload material, provide your material or access to your material to the editors.
  • If you prefer a short description/abstract of your material and/or a descriptive picture.