Day 13

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Today we go deep into programming. Although you already programmed applications the days before, here we first take a look at the basics of C++ and start with simple examples, so you can view them from a different perspective. At the end of the day, try and use your knowledge for your problem setting.

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Basics of C++

These pdfs will give you an introduction intro the basics of programming in C++.

Basic programming by Håkan Nilsson

Here you will find an introduction to basic programming in OpenFOAM by Håkan Nilsson at Chalmers University of Technology. You will learn about

  • high level programming
  • source code origanisation
  • implementation of applications

End of Day 13

We arrived at the end of Day 13. We hope, that you found the information useful and that you will come back tomorrow for even more.

Now try and use your gathered knowledge and experience of the last days for your own problem setting.

Until then we wish you a pleasant day.